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Drupal is a content management system similar to Wordpress, Joomla, and Shopify, and it is the tool in which we build your website. To simplify the reason that we choose this tool over others, we will go over a just few of the most appealing things about Drupal over other content management systems.

One of the most exciting things about Drupal is that it is optimized for easy use by writers, editors, content managers, and business owners. We build the backend and you will quickly be able to update, edit, and add your own content with no html or coding experience. Drupal is also browser based, meaning your editors can edit anywhere, from any computer. With Drupal you are able to easily handle the small changes changes with the click of a button or drag of a box, meaning you will have to engage less with your developers for assistance, saving you valuable time and money. With Drupal, we can give you the building blocks to have exactly the website that you want and need.

The reason that all of this amazing customization is possible is due to the fact that Drupal is an open source project. Being open source not only means that the modules we will use to customize your site are free, as is using Drupal in general, but that they were developed by thousands of different, dedicated volunteer Drupal developers. This means that the code we work with to build your site has been optimized by many more people than the code developed by a team for proprietary software. These different minds all have unique ways of problem solving and are more capable of finding fixes to new problems or solutions for new needs much faster. Not only that, but it is why there is such a vast and extensive library of over 20,000 modules to choose from to make your site perfectly fit your needs. With Drupal, these modules can be added with the click of a button, meaning unlimited expansion of your website's abilities as you come to need them.

Another benefit of the massive community of Drupal developers and editors is that they add to the amazing security provided by Drupal. While Drupal already has enterprise level security features built in, the community of web developers contributing to Drupal also help to ensure that when security issues arise, the problems are swiftly tended to and fixed. It won't simply be up to a team of developers working to fix these issues, but thousands of users. With thousands of minds available to tend to potential problems, effective solutions come much quicker. In fact, in 2019 only 1.28% of Drupal sites were reported to have been hacked, in comparison, Wordpress represented 90% of all hacked cms sites. Not only this, but it is reported that more than 70% of all Wordpress installations are vulnerable to attack. With Drupal, you are protected by the massive community of open source developers working to keep one another safe.

Not only do many small businesses have websites built using Drupal, many well established businesses, organizations, and entertainers do as well. Nasa, Doctors Without Borders, TBS, Major League Soccer, NBA, Verizon, Rutgers, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Lady Gaga, London Government, The Grammys, Bruno Mars, City of Austin, TX, The Louvre Museum, Tesla, University of Minnesota, the Economist, Ebay, and General Electric, just to name a few, all have websites that were built utilizing the amazing technology that is Drupal. These users of Drupal are part of the 97% of users who report that they are happy with their Drupal websites. Other highlights of choosing Drupal as our content management system of choice is that it is translated into 94 languages, making it easy to reach your target audiences, no matter where they are or what language they speak, it is a mobile friendly content management system (which is extremely important considering 77% of Americans own smartphones), it is very search engine friendly because of the use of alt and title tags for images and other types of media, and it allows for large and content rich websites because of it's flexible architecture.

To put it simply, we believe that Drupal is the best choice for everything from small businesses to nonprofits to large corporations because it is a highly customizable, secure, scalable, and powerful content management system with an immense community of developers driving Drupal's, and your, success.

If you are ready to utilize Drupal to help expand your business with a website with near limitless possibilities, reach out to us! Vhical is located in the Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky area but we are happy to help anyone, anywhere!

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