Three ways to increase web traffic to your website

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It might seem like the only thing to making a successful website is making one that looks good, but how do you actually get people to that nice, new website that you just purchased? Some web developers may be able to give you a website that functions, but does nothing more to ensure that the website they sold to you will have good, consistent web traffic, or even be found by users searching for what your website has to offer. A skilled developer needs to not only know how to make a functional, attractive website, but also one that gets users. While we won't go into our whole strategy for bringing good web traffic to our client's and our own websites, here are a few of the most important things that any skilled developer should be considering if they want to ensure that users visit the websites they develop.

The most important thing a good developer can do for your website is to integrate a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Search engine optimization is the way that your website becomes available for internet searches on websites like Google. Google ranks websites by how well they are optimized to their standards, and websites with better search engine optimization rank higher than those without. There are many ways to improve your search engine optimization, and therefore your ranking on google, and many of the ways are actually unknown outside of Google. A skilled web development team will have someone who is knowledgeable in how to improve website rankings and who will be constantly following all the latest updates and findings to learn how to continue to improve rankings as Google's standards change and become known. Having someone on your development team that understands how search engine optimization works is incredibly important in increasing your web traffic, considering the fact that less than 1% of pages on a Google search gets clicked.

Another thing that is becoming more and more important to a businesses success these days is an up to date, polished, and engaging social media presence. While having a social media presence isn't enough on it's own to help your business stand out amongst your competition, it is a starting point for most people before heading to your actual website. In fact, 84% of people expect a social media page for a brand or business to lead to their actual website, so many people who have found you either found you through a google search, or they found your business on social media and were intrigued enough by what they saw to seek out your website for more information. If you stay ahead of what is popular in social media, and stay active with engaging content, your social media accounts could greatly increase the traffic to your businesses website. A skilled developer will be able to create content for you, and possibly even a posting strategy for social media, that will draw users to your page and then to your website as they seek more information about your business.

Backlinks are another way to increase traffic to your website. A backlink is a link to your website on another website. Backlinks work alongside search engine optimization, because one of the ranking factors that Google uses is the prevalence of a link, so the more times it appears on different websites, the higher it will be ranked. Google doesn't rank these backlinks indiscriminately though, meaning that more reputable websites rank higher than less reputable sites, so where your link gets posted matters as much, if not more, than how often it is posted. A good development team can help you with more than just creating a website, but also in creating the content necessary to get your link posted on other sites. They can help get your links, and therefore your business name, posted where it matters in various ways like getting you added to the necessary directories that many people use to find businesses, or by writing engaging articles pertaining to your business or industry that could be shared on other websites, earning you more backlinks.

These are just a few of the areas that we focus on to increase traffic to our client's websites. If you want more than just a website delivered to you that no one will be able to find without you directing them there yourself, let us take the work off of your hands. We pride ourselves on being able to not only build our clients a website that people want to visit, but also on making websites that are easy to find amongst the competition. Whenever you are ready, get in touch with us! Vhical is located in New Albany, Indiana, minutes away from Louisville, KY, but we are available to help get your idea online no matter how far you are!

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