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Instead of talking about something new in the technology world, today we'd like to better introduce ourselves here at Vhical. We are located in New Albany, Indiana, right across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky. We established Vhical in 2020, but have been involved in web design and various engineering projects for over twenty years. While we are working to grow and expand, for the time being our team is a small, local, mom and pop business. Though we have worked on various projects for other businesses, it is our goal to branch out and better serve the New Albany, Southern Indiana, and Louisville, Kentucky region on our own.

When we were in the process of deciding how to run our new business, we had a few choices of where we might base ourselves. With contacts all over Indiana and Kentucky, and even Texas, we had to determine where it made sense for Vhical to be, and where we were needed most. After many long discussions, we decided that staying in New Albany was what we wanted most, and that we knew we could help the people of New Albany grow their businesses with the help of our technological skills. We have a goal of not only being a financially successful company, but also one that is charitable and a benefit to our community. Like everyone else, we have been slowed down in our efforts by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we recently had the opportunity to partner with another New Albany based business, Smokin' Franks BBQ, to provide lunch for the team of volunteers working for the Floyd County Health Department to administer the COVID-19 vaccine at Indiana University Southeast. We also recently launched a website for another New Albany based business, REI Boilers. We are looking forward to other opportunities to help out the community that we live in and love, as well as provide assistance to those with their goal of bringing their business online.

We feel that we have a lot to offer our community (and beyond!), as we not only specialize in web design and web hosting, but also app development, graphic design, videography, audio recording, writing services, seo services, and more. Chances are, if it involves technology in some manner, we can work on it for you! When it comes to our web and app development, some of our favorite technologies to build with are Drupal, a powerful content management system that is used by everyone from Louisville Metro to Tesla Motors, Microsoft Azure, which is considered the gold standard for cloud hosting, and Cloudflare, a content delivery network that is being utilized by 25 million internet properties for their security needs. With these tools we are able to do everything from bring a brand new idea to life online, or move and upgrade your existing website to meet today's, or your, standards.

If you or someone you know has an idea they need to get off the ground and onto the web, let us know! We are available to help anyone and everyone regardless of location, but we'd especially love to help our New Albany neighbors to grow their business with a web presence! Reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll start working with you to find a way to create the website or project that you need to move your business into the future!

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