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As you likely know by now from either the headlines or your own related difficulties, Amazon web services, the top cloud computing provider, experienced a major outage on Tuesday morning, lasting from around 10 am eastern time until nearly 8 pm. The company first spoke on the outage on their online dashboard at around 11:30 pm yesterday, stating that they were "investigating increased error rates for the AWS Management Console." Later, they updated with, “We are experiencing API and console issues in the US-EAST-1 Region.

If you are artist and you don't have a website or you are relying on social media to showcase your work, it is beyond time to change that. Like word of mouth, a presence on social media may help you begin to get the word out about your art, but there are so many limitations if this is your only form of online portfolio. As an artist, you have to consider that your art is your business, and in our modern, internet driven times, every business needs to stay up to date with what their competition is doing.

It might seem like the only thing to making a successful website is making one that looks good, but how do you actually get people to that nice, new website that you just purchased? Some web developers may be able to give you a website that functions, but does nothing more to ensure that the website they sold to you will have good, consistent web traffic, or even be found by users searching for what your website has to offer. A skilled developer needs to not only know how to make a functional, attractive website, but also one that gets users.

If you have found yourself reading this article, chances are that you are considering a website for your business or project, and if you want to expand your business these days, you absolutely need a website to do so. Once you have made the decision to take the next step for your business though, how do you decide who to let handle such an important task?

It is hard to keep up with the ever-changing latest trends in fashion, entertainment, and internet culture, but it is even harder to help create those trends. To be a successful designer or web designer, you have to be aware what is hot now, what was hot in the past, and have an eye for what will be hot in the future.

While many of us were locked up in our homes to battle the coronavirus pandemic, a larger number of people than usual sought out new electronic devices throughout the year such as phones, gaming computers, video game consoles, televisions, other smart devices, and more for entertainment.

Though it might seem as though the colors on a website are simply chosen by the designer and/or the website owner based on what they like, but the colors that web designers choose for their websites are far more important than they seem. A website can be beautifully designed, but with the wrong colors that might not matter because humans are more moved by color than we believe. Some colors evoke happy feelings, others evoke feelings of tension or aggression.

One of the most important things that a website can do for a restaurant or bar is to display it's best qualities. Sure, word of mouth is important for any business, but word of mouth doesn't describe an incredible meal or dining experience the way pictures can. The same goes for the feel of the environment.

If you are a parent, chances are that your kid has some access to screen time. Some people may feel concerned about the amount of time their children spend online or on video games, but there can be a positive side to this that is more than just having a few minutes to yourself when your child is watching or playing.

Chances are you were one of the many people who found themselves with a little extra free time on Monday. If you are one of the nearly 3 billion people to have a Facebook account, 1.3 billion to use Facebook Messenger, 1 billion who use Instagram, 2 billion on WhatsApp, and almost 2 million owners of an Oculus virtual reality gaming headset, you may have wondered if your internet was down, and you likely found yourself checking your accounts for hours to see if your apps were working again.