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If you are a small business owner, you have almost certainly considered purchasing a website, and if you have you've also wondered, "Do I even need a website?" While having a website sounds like a costly expense, and one that takes time to create, having a place on the internet of your own can really set your business apart from the competition.

In the past few weeks we have talked about various design trends that are popping up so far in 2022. While many of the trends are similar across the board and will be true for various types of websites, ecommerce sites aren't always that way. Some websites are more centered on information that will be used to gain customers elsewhere, like in physical locations, but ecommerce sites are centered on reaching customers and acquiring sales right on the website.

Last week we talked about the web design trends that are starting to become popular amongst web designers in 2022, but those aren't the only trends to consider when designing a modern looking website that will attract users. Because photos often take up a large portion of a website's design, it is also important to focus on what is trending in photography if we want a website that fits today's aesthetics.

As with anything else technology or internet related, things are constantly changing and improving and that means to stay noticed one must move with those changes. This is especially true when it comes to web and app design, because if you do not upgrade and improve upon your design, you will quickly be deemed outdated and passed over for a website or app that looks like it belongs in the current year.

Yesterday users of Linux woke up to news of a new vulnerability to be concerned about, one that has actually existed for twelve years. The vulnerability is a memory corruption vulnerability and it exists within a system tool called Polkit, previously called PolicyKit, and can give unauthorized individuals root access to machines that run most distributions of Linux. If access is obtained by the wrong individuals, it could be used to run malicious code on otherwise protected machines.

This past Saturday, Drupal, our favorite content management system, celebrated it's 21st birthday. Drupal was created by a developer named Dries Buytaert, originally as a message board. After mistyping his original name choice, "dorp", which is Dutch for "village", he instead typed "drop", and decided he actually liked the name better.

We just ended 2021 with the security issue known as the log4shell bug, and now we are rolling into 2022 with all new potential threats online. Yesterday was "Patch Tuesday", which is an unofficial name given to the second and/or fourth Tuesday in a month where certain tech companies release updates and patches for their products, but officially used by Microsoft since 2003.

Late Tuesday evening users of LastPass began to report concerning emails stating that their accounts had potentially been breached. LastPass, which has been in use since 2008 and has a free version as well as paid versions, is an online password manager that stores and protects the passwords of over 25 million user's various online accounts.

Whether you're distancing yourself from others to stay safe, you're unable to travel for some reason, or if you just want a quiet holiday without much fuss, many of us are planning to spend our Christmas at home. While some may enjoy the day just as if it were any other day off, others may find it comforting to still partake in Christmas activities, even if they're doing it from the comfort of their living rooms.

What is Log4j? -
Log4j is a Java library that is used to log things like user activity and error messages within applications. It is an open source project that is distributed for free by the Apache Software Foundation, making it very popular amongst enterprise level businesses. As an open source project, the software is maintained by volunteers.